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50 Best CSR and Sustainability Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

CSR Accounts from Brave One marketing agency.

Brave One digital marketing agency has put together an impressive list of media outlets, thought leaders and agencies sharing the wealth of CSR (corporate social responsibility) knowledge.

Below are the Top 5 in each category. View the entire list here.


  1. @Ethical_Corp: CSR, Sustainability and Anti-Corruption opinion, news and events. Liam Dowd & Toby Webb tweeting.

London, UK ·

2. @3BLMedia: CSR is more than press releases. It is videos, blogs, and more. 3BL is the leading distributor of CSR & sustainability news and content across the social web.

Northampton, MA ·

3. @GuardianSustBiz: Guardian Sustainable Business: aggregated news and leading-edge views for corporate sustainability professionals.

London ·

4. @FastCoExist: Fast Company’s Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation. We talk about the environment, energy, tech, food, health, transportation, & more.

New York, NY ·

5. @BWCSRNews: CSR Circuit covers news concerning sustainability, green products/services, environment, philanthropy, diversity, business ethics, and other CSR related topics.

New York, NY ·

Green Leaders

  1. @CSR_Leaders: CSR and Sustainable business development news and opinion. CSR Leaders – a venue for CSR leaders to network and share strong opinions. Powered by Orvella.


2. @ElaineCohen: CSR Consultant, Sustainability Reporter, Human Resources Professional, Ice Cream Addict, Author of CSR for HR – see

Israel ·

3. @DaveStangis: VP Public Affairs/CR. Lead CSR, Sustainability, Community & @CampbellCSRFoundation. Business focus, Bottom-line results. Family man, Runner when time permits.

Greater Philadelphia, US ·

4. @LeonKaye: Writer, consultant making the biz case for CSR & sustainability. Write for@GuardianSustbiz @Inhabitat & @TriplePundit. Would love your vote to cover Rio+20! ·

5. @TaigaCompany: Julie Urlaub, Sustainability Consultant: Social Media Wiz for Green Biz.

Golden, Colorado ·


  1. @company2keepinc: An online destination directory + interactive platform where responsible businesses engage stakeholders to advance sustainable best-practices.

Global ·

2. @GRI_Secretariat: The Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) mission is to make sustainability reporting standard practice by providing guidance and support to organizations.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands ·

3. @CECPtweets: CECP, a CEO membership organization based in New York, helps Twitter followers to stay abreast of developments in the field of corporate giving.

New York, NY ·

4. @CSRint: CSR International, for CSR professionals, students & enthusiasts. Sign up for the free e-newsletter online.

London, UK ·

5. @CSE_network: Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE) is a leading global sustainability (CSR) consulting, coaching, and training firm.



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Helper Helper50 Best CSR and Sustainability Twitter Accounts You Should Follow