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3 Maps To Better Understand the Community Service Competition

Helper Helper has partnered with the NCAA in the launch of the NCAA Team Works™ Competition. You can read more about the Community Service Competition here.

During the community service competition, aka Team Works™ Competition we have 120 colleges and universities using the Helper Helper platform to manage, communicate and track the volunteer efforts of some 40,000+ student-athletes. This is the largest volunteer competition in the history of college sports and possibly…the world (we can neither confirm nor deny this, but it sounds impressive). Even if this community service competition is just the largest in NCAA history, well, it is still a feat that we say proudly because of the what the little blue dots seen below represent.  Community Service Competition

On the map above, each blue dot represents a college or university in the community service competition. 38 of the lower 48 have a school in the competition. North Carolina has the most schools with (8). As you can see, SEC country and the Northeast have a large presence.

The heat map below was generated during the first week of the community service competition. It shows the amount of student-athletes that have logged onto the Helper Helper app and searched for a volunteer opportunity. This is a fun map to take a look at and compare to the previous week to see the change in activity levels of student-athletes. Hopefully by the end of the community service competition, we will be able to say a corny joke like, “What’s grey and white and red all over?”…you get the point.

Community Service Competition

The last map is both of the maps above superimposed on each other. With many schools being so close in proximity, this map gives you a little better understanding of what schools and student-athletes have been the most active during the first week of the competition.

Community Service Competition

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krista3 Maps To Better Understand the Community Service Competition