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Community Service Rankings

Community Service Rankings: Team Challenge | Week 6 Rankings

Community Service Rankings

Community Service Rankings

Community Service Rankings | March 11, 2016

  1. Oklahoma: Women’s Basketball
  2. North Carolina Central University: Women’s Tennis
  3. UAB: Women’s Volleyball
  4. Louisville: Women’s Field Hockey
  5. George Washington: Women’s Gymnastics
  6. George Washington: Women’s Lacrosse
  7. Fresno State: Women’s Golf
  8. Fresno State: Women’s Soccer
  9. Jackson State: Women’s Track & Field
  10. Jackson State: Men’s Track & Field
  11. Oklahoma: Women’s Volleyball
  12. Barry University: Women’s Soccer
  13. Oklahoma: Women’s Rowing
  14. Fresno State Women’s Volleyball
  15. Northern Illinois: Women’s Golf
  16. UNC Wilmington: Women’s Beach Volleyball
  17. UAB: Women’s Beach Volleyball
  18. Assumption College: Women’s Basketball
  19. Jackson State: Men’s Tennis
  20. Manhattan College: Women’s Soccer

About the Community Service Team Competition

Following the success of the Fall 2015 NCAA Team Works™ Competition, Helper Helper launched a community service competition to find to find the best NCAA team in the country. Instead of a School vs. School format, we are challenging individual teams. Teams from schools NCAA DI, DII & DII will be taking on other teams is a head-to-head tournament. Participation in the 2016 Spring Competition using the Helper Helper platform is open to all NCAA-affiliated teams

For more updates on the Helper Helper Community Service Competition, follow us on Twitter or Instagram @HelperHelperApp

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kristaCommunity Service Rankings: Team Challenge | Week 6 Rankings