“The site is ridiculously efficient easy to use!  You are saving me countless hours coordinating our community service projects.” -Doug Padron University of San Francisco

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE Helper Helper and all of the organization and opportunities it brings to us! I have been in much conversation about this app with friends and family to share with them how cool all of our opportunity to give back to this campus is constructed through Helper Helper; SO THANK YOU for all of your work to make this and create something so unique!!” -volunteer

“I can honestly say that Helper Helper has had a huge impact on our team’s ability to track volunteer hours. I thoroughly believe that our positions as student-athletes open up endless doors to have a positive impact on our surrounding community. Thank you for providing a tool to help us do just that.”     -volunteer

“With Helper Helper, we started to see students that had never participated before sign up for volunteer opportunities.”- Caitlin Callaghan University of Alabama at Birmingham