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2022-2023 #BeAHelper Recognition

The recipient of the 2022-2023 #BeAHelper award is Katherine Goehring.  Katherine is a member of the 2023 graduation class at Skutt Catholic High School.  In her time as a high school student, she has given 174 hours of service to her community. Volunteering at a local food bank, youth sports clinics, sending cards, and more, she has found ways to use her skills and passions to give back to her community.

Katherine Goehring, Skutt Catholic, Class of 2023

What organization/project did you work with the most?  How did you get involved with this program?

The organization out in my community that I have worked with the most is Countryside Community Church’s Community Cupboard Food Bank. This is the church my great aunt attends so she connected my family with the opportunity.

What does spending time in the service of others mean to you?

Service is extremely meaningful to me. I have been blessed in so many aspects of my life and using my time, skills, and talents to give back and better someone else’s life is such an incredible thing for me to be able to do. At the Community Cupboard Food Bank, I got to directly hand so many wonderful people something that they are in such dire need for. Their contact and connections fill my heart so full. Their gracious attitudes show me how important a loving and hopeful mindset is in our world today. Being able to provide a necessity to someone struggling as well as sharing kindness and a smile is so beneficial to both parties as we continue to grow in society. It has also allowed me to grow educationally and culturally as there were many Spanish-speaking individuals that I got to act in solidarity with and extend comfort to as I held conversations in Spanish with them. I’ve been a part of many other organizations and projects as well and the connections I’ve formed and experiences I’ve had have allowed me to witness the not-so-good parts of our world, but also give me the opportunity to become one of the people working to create change.

What did you learn from the experience that you would want to share with your fellow students? 

I have learned my ability to make a difference is an unbelievable power to hold. It is also a power that I can only build on as I continue to pursue sharing God’s love with my communities. Being generous with your time and giving back is one of the easiest things you can do in life. Waking up early on the weekend to go work at a food bank might not seem like the most fun thing to do, but the impact you are able to make in those few hours is unimaginable. The effects of your service are one thing that will continue to multiply forever. The influence you have on someone’s life can grow immensely. What you think is a simple action might be the only thing a person needs to get back on their feet. The impression a helping hand and a smile can have on someone is limitless.

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