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Helper Helper Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Stormy Kromer HatA classic winter hat made in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Very cute for little kids and great for anyone who wants a little sun protection while they are outside this winter.
  2. SORRYArguably the best board game there is. No child should grow up without it. Other games we love but seem less important than SORRY – Qwirkle, Blockus, Settlers of Catan
  3. Alter Planning Co.An awesome planner for those of us looking for just a little time away from our computers this year. It’s well organized and a great gift!
  4. Wellness Formula- Prior to COVID our whole team LOVED Wellness Formula. We took it the second we got sick. We aren’t doctors, but for the regular cold this worked for us like a dream! We always like to have a little WF on hand!
  5. RooKeeRoo PrintThese prints are so well done! Great for reminiscing about times on the water or time spent outdoors! A definite family favorite for us! They also have an Evergreen Candle that is delightful for the holiday season!
  6. Taking Cara Babies CourseThis is a really nice gift for a family that is expecting or just had a baby. The course helps new parents understand what their baby needs and how to help them sleep like a champ. Its flexibility made my life as a new mom so much more relaxing.
  7. Xtratuf Deck BootsThese boots were and are a hit with fishermen but Krista’s sister in Alaska says that everyone wears them in AK! We started buying them for the folks in our families and everyone loves them. All the best blueberry farmers are wearing them.
  8. Lululemon AlignsExpensive but worth it. These are the only leggings that are close to as comfy as a huge pair of sweatpants and you don’t look like a gray monster in them. Really nice for pregnancy because they stretch right along with you. 🙂
  9. Pickleball PaddlesThis sport became a Helper Helper favorite when we played it in Michigan at a work retreat. It’s such a great game for all ages and all abilities. Just know that whoever you buy these for may become obsessed with the game!
  10. Lake PajamasThese are your everyday pajamas – the fabric is so smooth we find they also become work-from-home attire.
  11. Head LampThis light is beyond powerful and recharges! This is what we use for camping trips and as a general flashlight.
  12. Geometry Dish Towels– The BEST dish towels in a million different prints!
  13. Half Baked Harvest CookbookThese recipes are BEYOND delicious and Chelsea and Krista are always using these for family get-togethers. Great for someone who loves to cook.
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