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2021-2022 #BeAHelper Recognition

The recipient of the 2021-2022 #BeAHelper award is Razanne Shoukfeh.  Razanne is a member of the 2023 graduation class at Lubbock High School.  In her three years as a high school student, she has given nearly 400 hours of service to her community. Volunteering as a tutor, participating in events with United Way and the YWCA, and many other organizations, Razanne has found many ways to give back to her community.

Razanne Shoukeh, Lubbock High School, Class of 2023


What organization/project did you work with the most?  How did you get involved with this program?

One of my favorite volunteer contributions I have been dedicated to for the past 3 years is tutoring for a local non-profit called Robins Nest Tutoring Incorporated. I am the head tutor in this program, where I lead over 60 tutors and have taught over 50 underprivileged students. I am especially proud of being a part of this because it is an awesome opportunity for me to help bridge the income achievement gap by providing a variety of free grade K-12 educational services through a network of dedicated, highly qualified volunteers within my local community. I love seeing the kids smile with satisfaction when they learn a hard concept. I love it when the kids come back every week, ready and capable of learning more. and most importantly, I love giving the kids an opportunity to display their undoubted potential.

What does spending time in the service of others mean to you?

Ever since I was little, my mom always told me how important it was to help others. She said that oftentimes we get so lost in our own lives and problems that we forget there’s a whole world of people out there. A world of people who do not have clothes, a world of people who don’t have shelter, and a world of people who don’t have dental care. In 2009, my mom and I flew across the world to Jordan to provide dental care for over 60 refugee kids. As we met kid after kid, I realized how blessed I really was. The good-spirited kids came into the room ready for their first opportunity, and maybe their last, to get their teeth cleaned. I remember each kid giggling when the toothbrush skimmed their teeth. I remember each kid telling jokes, and I especially remember how grateful each and every kid was. Helping the kids, with absolutely nothing in return, was the reason it was so rewarding. That is when my love for volunteering sparked in me. Ever since then, I have and will continue to dedicate my time and efforts to serving others and bettering the community.

What did you learn from the experience that you would want to share with your fellow students? 

What I’ve learnt from my volunteer experience, and what I’d like to share with others, is that volunteering should be embraced rather than overlooked. You can have a significant impact on your community simply by volunteering. Service is vital, particularly in this day and age, because it broadens people’s perspectives and ideas of the world. I believe it is critical for people to see how others live and to never take for granted what they have. Volunteering should be an important rhythm in our daily routine because it enables us to help others rather than just ourselves.

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