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Connecting Organizations to your Helper Helper Account

There are often times when volunteer coordinators are regularly posting events from the same organizations and trusted community partners. These are places where you and your volunteers have good communication and repeated positive experiences. When we find ourselves with these types of trusted community partners, you can open Helper Helper up to them as an organization admin. This offers the organization a more streamlined way to connect with volunteers on their own timetable while relieving some backend work for you as the coordinator. 

An Organization Admin in Helper Helper is able to:

  1. Create Events- With login access to the organization admin panel, these admins are able to create events with the same details and interfacing as any other type of institution admin. Giving them the ability to build out event details, create time slots as well as repeating or ongoing opportunities. 
  2. Post to the App- As soon as an event is saved the posting will go directly to your volunteers streamlining the process and allowing events to be added in real-time to Helper Helper.
  3. Edit existing Opportunities- Even after events are created organization admins can go back into the event and make updates to the events and communicate with committed volunteers.

“We are getting lots of [opportunity] requests and they often don’t provide all the needed information so, if they add it themselves [as an organization admin], it helps them understand all the fields needed.”

Carmita Pena, Woodlake High School

If you are ready to create an Organization Admin you will want to go through the following checklist. The checklist with reference templates and tutorials can be found HERE

  • Identify Community Partners you want to give admin access to.
  • Ask your community partner contacts if they would like to be added as Organizational Admin to Helper Helper to post opportunities for your volunteers. See ‘Draft Email 1.’
  • Add the identified community partners to Helper Helper following the steps below under ‘Adding an Organization Admin.’
  • Follow up with ‘Draft Email 2’ to share how to access Helper Helper and provide information on how they will manage their posted opportunities.
  • Send Temporary Passwords/Login Information to your added Organization Admin(s).
  • Check-in on Organization Admin after the completion of their first event.

Once your organizations start creating events you will be able to see the postings in your normal list of events, where you can track sign-ups and event details. From here you can still edit and delete events as you see fit. Creating Organization Admins can open the door for your community partners to create more meaningful experiences for your volunteers.

kristaConnecting Organizations to your Helper Helper Account