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5 Tips on Working from Home

We asked the Helper Helper staff to share a few tips to maximize your WFH efforts. With people transitioning to telecommuting from make shift home offices we wanted to provide some inspiration — straight from our work from home experts. Enjoy!

1. Maintain Accountability

Make a list of everything you want to get done in the day/week. Share these goals with a co-worker to keep yourself accountable.
- Chelsea Fritz, Head of Client Success

2. Eliminate Distractions

Close your e-mail so you can focus on a project.
- Matt Wright, CTO

3. Connect with Colleagues

Call a co-worker and just put them on speaker phone. Makes your day seem less isolated.
- Krista Clement, Founder and CEO

4. Scheduling your Day

Start work early and pat yourself on your back when you're out for a run at 2:30 pm.
- James Pollerana, Head of Marketing

5. Reward Success

If there is something you're looking forward to doing like exercising mid-day or breaking for a snack - set a goal of what you'd like to get done before you do that and don't leave your work area until you're finished.
- Ryan Garthright, Growth Hacker

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