Helper Helper for High Schools

A service-oriented and engaged group of students can make all the difference to improve well-being, strengthen culture, and increase participation.

How Helper Helper works

Getting your community service program started is easy – and Helper Helper makes keeping it going even easier.

Create your community service account –

Work alongside a community engagement expert, answer some basic questions, and set goals around key partnerships and community impact.

Add volunteer opportunities –

Using Helper Helper’s cloud-based portal, simply add volunteer opportunities to be viewed by all of your students or smaller, segmented groups.

Mobilize your volunteers –

From the tips of their finger and right on their phones, volunteers sign up for events and get email and app notifications reminding them to attend.

You’ll love how easy it is to get students participating when all of their options are in one place on the app.

Review Automatically Logged Hours –

Using email and text validation, all of the hours your students submit through Helper Helper get validated without you having to sift through paperwork or spend your time entering data into a spreadsheet.

And better yet – your students will always have an up-to-date record of the service they’ve completed, so they can know how close they are to their goals.

Evaluate your experience –

Use the data to improved the volunteer opportunities you provide. Get feedback from students and community groups. Continually engage your volunteers with top organizations and causes in your community.

See why over 100,000 students in hundreds of schools across 48 states are doing community service the Helper Helper way.

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