The best volunteer management software for tracking goals

Using Helper Helper to Track GOALS

With Helper Helper GOALS you will be able to create complex requirements that need to be achieved in order for a volunteer to be awarded with that specific goal.

  • Set a specific date range within which commitments must be completed to apply towards goal
  • The goal target can be defined as a total of validated hours or a number of commitments attended
  • A goal can be set to count only events completed under a specific categories or organizations
  • Goals can include or exclude events volunteer submitted events

Use GOALS to Promote


Help volunteers know how close they are to achieving a goal


Make it easier to acknowledge and award volunteers


Clear specifications so everyone is on the same page

Managing your GOALS

Track the status of each users goal to see how your volunteers are engaging with the community.

Download detailed reports to see the progress towards goal completion, and if completed, the date the goal was awarded.

For more detailed information on the GOALS Click Here.