The best volunteer management software for tracking custom engagement efforts

Track more than service events using Helper Helper

Love Helper Helper for tracking community service?

Why stop there… Helper Helper can be used to track ALL engagement events. Help your users stay connected by using custom categories to promote every type of event through simple categorization.

A centralized solution for ALL engagement

Every commitment in Helper Helper is attached to a category, admins can use these categories to highlight and report on the breakdown of these events.

Color Coded Categories

Each custom category can be assigned a color and is searchable in the app for easy recognition.

Curated Events

A user will only see the events available to them, every event curated through Helper Helper can be directed to everyone or specific groups.

Most common custom categories in Helper Helper

Leadership Development


Life Skills

Student Recognition

Diversity and Inclusion

Guest Speakers

Game Attendance

Academic Success

Career Building

Internship Hours


Personal Development

By using Helper Helper to post community service events, job postings, life skill credit opportunities, special events, and MORE, we are able to communicate with our student-athletes different ways to engage and enjoy life in our city. THE BEST part about tracking everything is that when it comes time for graduation/creating a resume/looking to see what interest our athletes, we can just run a report from Helper Helper.

Chris Everett, Jr.University of Charlotte, North Carolina
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