The best volunteer management software for secure validation

Customized Validation

Choose the method of validation that works best for your volunteers. Whether you are using our check-in link, validation code, and email verification service you can ensure that there is a secure method of verification fit for every type of event and user.

Email Verification

Users can be prompted to provide a coordinator name and email when self-reporting hours. These emails get sent to coordinators on a set schedule that allows for 2 click approval for coordinators. Once an hour has been approved the admin will be able to validate the hours from the admin portal.

Validation Code

Validate users at an event by using the random or custom code generated for each event. These codes are set to automatically go out to the coordinator of event. The volunteer will enter this code and the hours will automatically be verified and tracked in the reports on the admin portal.

Check-In Link

Every event in Helper Helper has a check-in link. This link can be accessed from any internet capable device (you don't not need to be a Helper Helper user to access the link). The check-in link allows for quick one click check in and allows for the event coordinator to edit and add users to the event.

kristaHour Validation