The best volunteer management software for community partner access

Community Partner Access

Allow nonprofits to add events and view sign ups

Ready to give your volunteers access to more volunteer opportunities? Ready to lessen the back and forth between you and your partner organizations? With Helper Helper you can easily collaborate with nonprofits by giving them an Organizational Admin account!

Why use organizational administrators

Volunteers will see a variety of events

Giving volunteers more choice on where they volunteer can help them better engage in the community

Nonprofits will have autonomy

Giving nonprofits realtime access to sign ups and the ability to post events saves them time and effort

Partnerships will be strengthened

Making communication between to you and your community partners seamless is great for that relationship

For more detailed information on Organizational Admins Click Here.

How it works

Grow your impact by giving 3rd party access to nonprofits


Identify Trusted Partners


Approve Events they Post


Share Results and Feedback

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