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Attendance Only Events

With the attendance only feature you can post all kinds of events in Helper Helper (meetings, training sessions, sign up sheets, etc) and track attendance without awarding time and without worrying about your volunteer data being impacted. 

Sign-Up Lists

Create donation sign-ups to make sure you are receiving the correct amount of each donation you are looking to collect. Or use the feature to make easy snack sign-up sheets for a school event.

Track Meeting Attendance

Use this feature to track and manage meeting attendance without awarding volunteer time for attendees.

Market Events

With attendance only Helper Helper is an easy place for ALL engagement events to live. Market events and collect RSVP's without skewing your volunteer data.

Digital Sign-Up Sheet

Helper Helper supports all types of event management. Create attendance only events in Helper Helper to utilize the sign-up and/or check-in technology without awarding tracked time to the attendees of these events.

kristaAttendance Only Events