The best volunteer management software for running a service challenge

Running a Service Challenge

With Helper Helper you can easily track and mange internal service challenges among teams, branches and individual volunteers.  You can also participate as an institution in one of the many service challenges  we run throughout the year against other similar institutions. 

  • Team Impact Score

    You can use the built in Helper Helper formula “Team Impact Score’ to rank teams of different sizes based on hours per volunteer and percent participation

  • Promote Service Projects

    Holding a volunteer competition is a great way to promote an event or series of events directly from your Helper Helper app

  • Increase Engagement

    Use a volunteer competition to get more volunteers excited and engaged in tracking and logging their service hours in Helper Helper

  • Filtered Reports

    Use the admin portal to pull institution reports based on specific challenge parameters or check the app as a volunteer to see where your team stands

Helper Helper Challenges

Helper Helper High School Challenge

High schools across the nation are put head to head in our annual Fall and Spring service challenges. Students at participating high schools will use Helper Helper to track their individual and groups an effort to come out as the top serving High School for a 30 day period.


At the end of each school year Helper Helper nominates High School students across the country to submit their service efforts and reflections to be recognized as the #BeAHelper for that school year. A select students are nominated and recognized each year.

NCAA® Team Works™ Challenge

The NCAA competition runs each Fall. The winners are determined by the number of participating student-athletes and service hours completed. The challenge is the perfect opportunity for teams across NCAA Divisions I, II & III to showcase the impact they are making in the community.

Helper Helper Team Challenge

In an effort to bring service into the annual spring hoops hysteria, we created a 64-team community service bracket. The top student-athletes and teams in the country go head-to-head in the name of community service. Is this the year your team makes a run at the service title?

kristaService Challenge