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Volunteer Profile

Use Helper Helper to streamline volunteer onboarding

As you recruit new volunteers, registration and training can be a pain and a lot of paper work. With Helper Helper’s volunteer profiles you can build a variety of questions through Helper Helper that allow you to collect the information you need. Volunteers can fill out waivers and answer questions about themselves that help you get them volunteering as quick as possible.

Customizing your volunteer profile questions

Types of Questions

There are multiple types of questions from multiple choice and short anser to requiring a file upload. Each question can be created to fit your need.

Required Fields

Each questions can be desiganted as optional or required. Completing the required questions will allow the user to access the rest of the app and your service opportunities.

Admin Only Questions

You can even track volunteer information as an admin by creating admin-only qeustions that allow you to store important infomratio about your volunteers directly in Helper Helper.

Onboard volunteers with ease

Background Checks

Interests and Skills

Waivers & Trainings

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