The best volunteer management software for scheduling events.

Sync events to your existing calendar

Helper Helper provides the ability to quickly sync individual event signups or entire calendar listings to your existing calendar in Apple’s iOS, Google Calendar, Outlook, and more.

Administrators can easily create a feed of all Helper Helper events in their account and use that to sync with your external calendar provider. Viewers of the calendar will be able to see event details and click directly to a signup page. Additionally, we offer one-click integration and syncing with Google Calendars. No more having to add events in Helper Helper and on another calendar.

Your users can also quickly add any commitments they make to events in Helper Helper directly into their personal calendars without needing to leave the app.

Using the Helper Helper Calendar Integrations

Embed a calendar of events on your website

Helper Helper offers an embeddable calendar view of events that you can quickly place on your web site. This allows your users (or the greater public) to see what upcoming events and opportunities and quickly sign up to participate.

Volunteer Sign-Up

Syncing to a Google Calendar can allow you to display your events as part of a master calendar mixed with other events you may plan outside of Helper Helper. Through the integrated calendars that are synced hourly, volunteers can sign up for events using the links in those calendars.

Add commitments to personal calendar

Once a volunteer signs up for an event, they can add it to their personal calendar (Apple, Google, Outlook, and more) without needing to leave the app. This, combined with reminders before the event ensure that volunteers remember to attend.

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