The best volunteer management software for cities and communities

Helper Helper for Cities and Communities

Helper Helper provides a shared space for your community’s volunteer efforts: streamlining administrative work, sharing resources across organizations, and offering a simpler, more engaging experience for your volunteers. Our goal is maximizing your time and your volunteers time to achieve the greatest good.

Benefits of using Helper Helper

  • More Engaged Volunteers

    If it’s easy for a volunteer to engage – they will. Helper Helper removes unnecessary barriers.

  • More time

    Automate aspects of volunteer management which frees more time to plan events and recruit volunteers

  • Larger Community impact

    Giving access to team admins and organization admins gives nonprofit autonomy to post their own events

  • Quantifiable Impact

    Having robust data easily accessible to share helps the community understand the needs and apply for grants

How Helper Helper will work 



All nonprofits and groups can add their own events/needs and manage sign-ups


Community Members

Anyone can view the opportunities and sign up at their convenience



Organizations will be able to see their impact - great for grant applications

kristaHelper Helper for Cities and Communities